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Hijab Plain Suede

Hijab Plain Suede

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An exclusive to Roohaya is this gorgeous maxi suede hijab.

A simple, stunning & versatile piece. An everyday essential piece that's ideal as a draped hijab, turban wrap or simply around the neck or shoulders. The faux suede is super soft soft, non-slip and luxuriously velvety to the touch with a gorgeous light sheen. These scarves have a gorgeous bounce and a natural volume for that perfect hijab style.

This simple accessory compliments all types of styles, outfits and is an essential to your autumn winter wardrobe

Size: approx. 180 x 70  

Please read garment care before purchasing.

Faux suede is a robust, stain-resistant fabric that's even more durable and cheaper than traditional suede. Faux suede is very easy to care for, and with proper maintenance, regular cleaning, and the prompt removal of stains, this fabric will stay looking fresh and new for many years.

The fabrics rich in colour and will therefore bleed colour. We recommend washing by hand as a single item.

Before washing or cleaning any new fabric, you should always do a spot test on the fabric to ensure that the cleaning product you want to use won’t damage the fabric in any way. Choose a small spot on the fabric that won’t be seen (inside of the dress like hem), and apply a small amount of your desired cleaner to the area, we recommend a wool safe detergent, Let it sit for five to 10 minutes, and blot the area with a clean, lint free cloth.

To hand wash your item, fill a large bowl or sink with warm, soapy water. Place your item in the water and let it absorb the water. Gently agitate (do not rub or twist) the fabric with your hands, concentrating on areas that are particularly soiled. Rinse in lukewarm water and gently squeeze any water out, next hang on a hanger and leave to dry naturally. You can rinse suede clothing in water with vinegar (3 tablespoons for 1 litre of water), which will make your suede clothing become softer.

Tor iron your item, You need to iron suede clothing inside out, making sure you use some kind of thin cloth on top and use on the wool or delicate setting.. At the end of the ironing, clean the suede piece brushing it. Occasionally you can hoover the dust and lint from the dress, hold the dress taught and gently hoover or brush over.

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