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Hijab Pins Shabby chic floral Magnet - 6 in a set

Hijab Pins Shabby chic floral Magnet - 6 in a set

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Introducing our new quirky floral magnetic pins

Crafted in strong metals with a cute shabby chic floral covers. The magnetic elements are powerful and strong both keepng your hijab in place and having the ability to secure many layers together. Why not try this with out jersey fabrics!

The pins are an amazing hijab accessory and are both minimilistic in design and effortless to style. The hijab magnets can be fastened in various ways, secure under the chin, at the back of the head or to hold the hijab in place on the side or to your attire.

Pins are available in pairs or go for the set of 10 with one colour each, thereby recieving an offer!

Pins measure 14 mm in diameter and are avilable in several shades. To open the magnet pins, DO NOT pull the pins apart -  simply slide them off each other

Please note:

*Be aware of the small magnet pins. These are a potential for a choking hazard, KEEP AWAY from small children

*Please do not place in mouth when adjusting clothing or hijab

* (Even though our pins are small ) Magnetic fields in magnets can inhibit pacemakers,  If you have an ICD or pacemaker, avoid close or prolonged contact with magnets or their magnetic fields. Keep magnets at least six inches from where your device is implanted -  best of all avoid the use in total.

*  Read through the care instructions for the longevity of your accessories.


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